Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr. Happy Cat in the Hat

The smiles just keep coming! We're waiting for our first giggle!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oliver's first Halloween

While Grandma Lolli visited over the weekend, Oliver got dressed up in his 1st Halloween costume and we made a trip to the pumpkin patch! Oliver cooperated beautifully for all the photo opps!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily Dose of Oliver

While mama's sick in bed, Oliver get to stay in his pj's and camp out all day long! 

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Daily Dose of Oliver

The First Day of My Life

The Birth Story of Oliver Lee Hosfield 

The story of Oliver Lee Hosfield’s birth starts on Saturday, September 4th, 2010. This particular Saturday was a very special one; Dave and I spent the entire day with my mom who had just arrived the evening prior. We went for a walk, drove up the coast, ate a delicious Mexican feast, and curled up on the couch together. At 9 months and 4 days pregnant, such events were enough to tire a girl out. I was exhausted to say the least, dozing in and out of sleep on the couch. After about 6 hours of deep sleep, I woke up at 3:50am to use the bathroom. I had no feelings of labor at this point.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I saw Dave reading on the couch. On my way to bed, I remember the exact moment where I tickled Dave’s toes, hoping he would come back down to bed. He followed.

Just minutes after crawling into bed and curling up under the covers, I felt our baby move. It wasn’t a typical move and it was drastic enough for me to gasp and grab Dave. I told Dave that the baby was moving and it was “different.” I sat up in bed thinking…could this really be it? And, it was only a matter of minutes before I felt my first contraction. At the time I didn’t really know if it was a contraction, so I told Dave to start timing these weird feelings. And to our surprise, they continued and repeated over and over again every 4-5 or 6-7 minutes apart.

After we established something was definitely happening, I thought it might be a good idea to get my mom. Just moments later, both my mom and Dave were sitting on the bed comforting me. Having read many birth stories, Dave and I were both prepared for this labor process to last a good 10-24 hours. So in mind, I needed to stay calm knowing I could have hours and hours of hard work ahead of me.

The contractions seemed to be happening in shorter intervals than I ever expected; some happening every 30 seconds – 2 minutes. I decided we needed to call our doula (Sarah) and let her know that things were starting. We spoke for a brief moment; and she told Dave if things progressed to call her within the hour. I remember being nervous at this point that she didn’t think she needed to get in her car and come over instantly. 

From this point to the point in which Sarah arrived at our house was a bit of a blur. I was rocking in the nursery area of our room, breathing deep and moaning lightly to get through each contraction. It seems like only moments later I had Sarah sitting at my knees breathing with me. She spent about 10-15 minutes with me before telling Dave it was time! I remember when she told Dave to get the car packed up, thinking, YES, this is a good sign. Later, Sarah told me she knew the moment she saw me that things were happening quickly and she even said she was nervous things were happening quicker than we were prepared for. That wasn’t exactly the case, but it was time to go nonetheless.

The last moments I remember at home were being on all fours trying to get up the stairs and fearing I would wake the neighbors! We finally made it the car where I found it extremely difficult to get my seat belt on; so I went without!

The car ride is a blur, expect for the annoying safety beeps of the seat belt reminder, in which I yelled at Dave to turn off (although it is not possible). I remember glancing in the rear view mirror nervous that we would lose our doula. Nope, she was on our tail!

We arrived at the hospital at around 6am. I remember getting into a wheel chair and feeling a contraction start just after getting through the doors. I told Sarah to stop pushing because the thought of moving while a contraction is happening seemed unbearable. The entrance was dark and desolate…all except for the 3 patients standing over a balcony staring at me. After completing my contraction, I looked up at the people and asked them in a loud and aggressive voice, “what are you looking at?”

We wheeled into the check-in desk where I was asked to sign several papers. I remember while waiting for my room, looking around at all the nurses and doctors who were holding separate conversations. I remember thinking, how can these people have anything better to do than to tend to me. How can I be in such pain and no one even notices.

Next, we wheeled down the hall and into my room. I remember a great feeling of relief arriving in my room and closing the door knowing that I could shriek and cry and scream all I wanted now with the door closed.

Nurse Martha arrived and started to prepare the bed, etc. They got me into the bed and started doing all the routine checks. This part of my labor is a large blur. The contractions were coming so quick and so hard. I remember being checked by Martha and hearing I was 5-6 cm. I remember feeling scared at that moment that I was only half way done; despite the fact that my labor had only been 3 hours at this point. Martha attempted my hep lock (a.k.a IV); she was not able to get it in and I remember it feeling like she was poking a big thick needle into my bones. I told her just how much it hurt. We had a separate man come into the room to take my blood. He was set to take my blood, but a contraction came quick and hard. I ordered him to stop. I was very bossy, I do remember that.

The next few hours are a complete blur. I had absolutely no concept of time or anything that was going on around me. My only job was to get through each contraction; Dave and Sarah at my side and my mom at the foot of the bed (all three my labor angels). I have no recollection of what the contractions really felt like or really how bad they hurt. All I know, is it was like nothing I had ever felt. It took all of my energy to get through the 60-90 second contraction. Mother nature gives you just enough time in-between to catch your breath and prepare for the next wave. Getting an epidural or any other drugs never even crossed my mind. However, if tempted, I do not know what I would’ve done. Luckily doula Sarah asked the nurse to keep the anesthesiologist out of the room, unless I asked for him.

The next thing I knew, Martha asked to recheck my cervix. I remember being in so much pain that it hurt to get on my back she could do the check. Much to all our surprise, I was 100% effaced and 10 centimeters dilated (somewhere around 9:45am). This was the biggest relief for me; however I knew I had a huge job ahead of me.

The baby was coming and soon we would meet him. Martha scurried around getting things in the room ready and paged the doctor. It was almost instantaneous that I felt the urge to push.

The doctor (Rodriquez) came into the room and stated that I had a long ways to go and to page her once things picked up. This brought my motivation and encouragement down. I should mention that Dr. Rodriquez was not one of my doctors; the 3 doctors from my OB practice were not on call because it was labor day weekend. Martha and another nurse (who looked like my aunt Judy) came to my side and helped and encouraged me through the pushing.

I’m not sure at what point, but Doctor Rodriquez reappeared in the room. It was clear the pushing I was doing was not moving the baby. I was doing so much work and using every muscle in my body and somehow they wanted me to do more. Dr. Rodriquez was not pleased with the type of pushing I was doing. From all the books I had read and all the birth stories I’d heard from natural child births, the pushing was the best part or brought the most relief. For most woman it felt natural and good to start pushing. I did not have the same feeling. The pushing was like completing a marathon only to have someone tell you once you finish the race that you have to keep going. It took every bit of energy for me to push again after my rest. I do remember having little pep talks in my head between the pushes; “Lindsey you have to get this baby out” “you have to put everything you have into the next push.” I still don’t remember how the pain felt, but I do remember it being so intense and exhausting.

At one point, Dr. Rodriquez had suggested I stop screaming and use that energy in my push. I responded in a very loud and aggressive voice (Okay, I was screaming on the top of my lungs) “I will scream if I want to scream!” She didn’t have much to say to that. Dave told me later he had to turn his head because he was trying to hide his laugh.

After each set of pushes I would ask if he was coming; if it was almost done. At one point, I even told Dave and Sarah that I couldn’t do it anymore. Eventually our baby started to crown. After each push, he would slide back up and we would start all over again. He was a big boy and my body had to work extra hard to get him out.

With just a few more pushes, Oliver came flying out….literally! Their was no head then shoulder then body for him. He came out all at once and I instantly felt relief. Within 2-3 seconds of him arriving he was placed on my chest. He cried for about 30 seconds before he calmed himself and stared up at me with his beautiful big blue eyes. Several days after he was born I asked my mom and Dave what I was saying at this point. They reminded me that I kept repeating over and over and over, “Hi, Hi, Hi, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

The emotions at this point were overwhelming. He had arrived and I had done it. It was truly like an out of body experience. Everything around me seemed absolutely perfect at that moment. I have no idea what was going on around me except that I was holding my brand new, perfect baby boy. And perfect was exactly what he was. His big blue eyes stared up at Dave and I. While the nurses and doctors were busy cleaning up, my new family was busy enjoying this amazing moment.

The birth of our precious baby boy was more than I could’ve ever asked for. I truly feel like my labor was short and intense for a reason; that was the way in which I was going to have the labor I had hoped and dreamed of.

My amazing labor and delivery of Oliver would not have been possible without an amazing team. Dave, Sarah and my mom were everything I needed and more. When I would look into their eyes I knew I was safe… even during the hardest parts. When they told me to keep going and how great of a job I was doing, I truly believed them. Having my mom at the foot of the bed made me feel safe. I knew if something was wrong she would wear it on her face. I remember looking back at her occasionally and knowing it was all going to be okay.

Oliver is the new love of our lives; the greatest gift I could ever ask for. 

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Baby Chapter...with the baby

It’s been a little over a month since our little baby love arrived and said hello to this great big world! Oliver Lee Hosfield arrived on Sunday, September 5th at 11:11am. He weighed in at 8 lbs 4 ounces and measured 20 ½ inches long. The story of Oliver’s birth was truly amazing. I have typed out the entire thing (an entire 4 pages long) and will share it with my followers if you’re interested in some of the intimate details.

Each day I still wake up and can’t believe this little bundle of joy is mine and I am his mommy! It’s truly the most wonderful feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Dave and I are still figuring this whole parenting thing out, but I must say, I think we are doing a pretty darn good job. I think we will continue to learn about what it means to be good parents till this little bugger is grown and moving out of our house! I think that is what makes it all so exciting.

We learn more about each other (Dave, Oliver and I) every day. I love the heck out of my new family! We’re taking one step at a time (all in style of course ; ))))