Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Because I think a few people may actually still read my blog...

I will continue to update! And, I'm making a commitment to do this more often! I didn't think anyone stopped in here anymore for updates anymore, but my good friend Jason informed me otherwise.  Anyways, a lot has happened since my last blog post.

1. Oliver experienced his first Valentines Day; he is my little heart breaker...without a doubt! 

2. Oliver reached the 1/2 year milestone! Where the past 6 months have gone, I have no idea. It's bittersweet, really! 

3. Oliver moved to his 2nd house in his lifetime...and now has his own bedroom and bathroom! 

4. Oliver met Kelly...finally! He's seemed really interested in the pretty lady who gets him all his cool, hipster baby clothes!

5. Oliver had a weekend with his Grandma Lolli while his mama and papa had a Las Vegas weekend. Thanks, Lolli!

6. Oliver experienced his first St. Patricks Day!

7. Oliver had a play date with his buddy, Wyatt!

8. Oliver got his very own, 1st high chair! Mama did quite a bit of research to find just the right one...it's modern, easy to clean and looks great with our dining ensemble! 

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