Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Lovely, Low-Key 4th of July

After our trip to Wisconsin, this family need a low-key, relaxing day of doing nothing. And it just so happened to fall on the 4th of July. We packed up our bags and headed for the beach.

It was a very packed day at the beach. We found our small opening among all the other families, unfolded our towels, spread out the baby sand toys and took in the sun.  It really was the 1st time that Oliver really 'got it!' He pointed at the ocean waves and dug his baby toes into the sand.

I'm pretty sure he ate about 2 full cups of sand....I tried stopping him about 204 times, but he really seemed to be enjoying it!

I sat back and watched Dave walking hand-in-hand with Oliver down the beach and took a moment to realize how quickly our little boy is growing up. When I was a big bellied pregnant lady at this time last year, I sat on the beach dreaming about these exact days with Oliver at this exact age.

The day ended up being low-key and perfect. Oliver was pooped...this photo says it all:

Happy 1st Fourth of July, little man!

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