Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's so hard for me to believe that my little love bug will soon, no longer be considered a baby in the eyes of my pediatrician and clothing makers...He is almost on the verge of being a toddler ; (  I'm starting to think about his first birthday celebration and am preparing a book of his first year...full of the 100's of pictures taken along the way. I came across these pictures and couldn't help but spend the last hour reminiscing about this amazing day.

The very first photograph ever taken of Mr. Oliver Lee Hosfield...this was just seconds after he was.

This photo of Dave and Oliver (with our doula Sara tending to me in the background) is far and away my most favorite photo from this day!

Proud papa and Nurse Martha checking out the goods!

Grandma Lolli, who witnessed it all...Holding her first Grandson for the first time! Pretty magical stuff!

The start of something really, really cool!

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